"Occupational safety within the industry"

"OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY WITHIN THE INDUSTRY" (RU: "Безопасность труда в промышленности") is the monthly scientific-technical and productive journal of the Gosgortekhnadzor of the USSR (governmental mining-technical supervision). It is published within the Moscow city since the 1957. It publishes the articles on the issues about the ensuring the occupational safety at the mines, quarries, productive petroleum fields, within the geological-explorative parties and expeditions, at the enterprises of the petroleum processing, petroleum extracting, gas, and other branches of the industry, the articles on the protection of the underground resources and the rational utilization of the mineral resources, the materials about the inventions and rationalization proposals on the occupational safety, about the advanced experience of enterprises, the legislative documents, reviews, announcements. The circulation (1982) is approximately 106 thousand copies.