Occupational medical examination

OCCUPATIONAL MEDICAL EXAMINATION (EN: preemployment medical examination; DE: arztliche Untersuchung; FR: expertise medicale; ES: reconocimiento medico previo; RU: врачебно-трудовая экспертиза) is the medical examination of the patients, which are suffering because of the acute and chronic diseases, or which have the consequences of the trauma or mutilation. The major purpose of the occupational medical examination of the labour ability (temporary, or prolonged) in case of the occupational diseases is the determination of the diagnosis (the clinical data, the sanitary-hygienic conditions of the labour, the speciality, and the duration of the employment). In case of the diagnostics of the occupational diseases, the expert medical doctor uses the regulatory Provisions, which have been approved by the Ministry of the Health Protection and Social Procurement, and by the All-Union Central Council of the Professional Unions. The temporary disability is determined by the medical-advisory commissions (VKK; RU: ВКК, врачебно-консультационная комиссия) of the medical institutions. The occupational medical examination of the prolonged or permanent loss of the labour ability is performed by the occupational medical examination commissions (VTEK; RU: ВТЭК, врачебно-трудовая экспертная комиссия), which determine the degree of the lo ss of the labour ability, the group and the cause of the disability (the permanent or prolonged loss of the labour ability, or the significant decrease of the labour ability as the consequence of the disease, of the anatomical defect, and so on). The persistent disruption of the labour ability in case of the occupational disease is determined in such case, when the chronic pathological process adopts the progressive course, which is often accompanied by the complications and other accompanying diseases. In case of the complete disruption of the labour ability, there are determined the 1st and 2nd groups of the disability, while in case of the partial disruption, there is determined the 3rd group.