Letter "O"

Outburst-dangerous rocks

OUTBURST-DANGEROUS ROCKS are the places within the massifs of the rock, which are dangerous because of the sudden outbursts.

Outburst danger

OUTBURST DANGER is the probability of the emergence of the outbursts of mainly coal or rock and gas (less often of the certain sandstones from the coal-bearing depositions, and of the potassium salts) during the conducting of the mining works...

Opposite stopes

OPPOSITE STOPES is the method for the conducting of the underground mine working simultaneously from the two sides, with the subsequent rendezvous of the stopes in the intended point.

Overburden stripping works

OVERBURDEN STRIPPING WORKS is the removal of the rocks, which are covering the useful minerals, during the opencast development of the deposits.

Overburden stripping coefficient

OVERBURDEN STRIPPING COEFFICIENT characterizes the quantity of the overburden rocks, which are accounted for the unit of the useful mineral, which has been extracted, or which is subject to the extraction, in case of the opencast method for the development of the deposit.

Occupational medical examination

OCCUPATIONAL MEDICAL EXAMINATION is the medical examination of the patients, which are suffering because of the acute and chronic diseases, or which have the consequences of the trauma or mutilation.

Oceanic depression

OCEANIC DEPRESSION see the "Ocean floor" article.

Open-pit dump truck

OPEN-PIT DUMP TRUCK is used for the transportation of the overburden rock and minerals at the open pit mining works.

Operation of the gas field without compression

OPERATION OF THE GAS FIELD WITHOUT COMPRESSION is the extraction of the natural gas and the supply of this gas into the trunk gas pipeline on the account of its natural reservoir energy at the initial stage of the development of the field...

"Occupational safety within the industry"

"OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY WITHIN THE INDUSTRY" is the monthly scientific-technical and productive journal of the Gosgortekhnadzor of the USSR (governmental mining-technical supervision).


ORPIMENT (from the Latin words "aurum" (gold) and "pigmentum" (pigment)) is the mineral of the class of sulfides, As2S3.

Oil and gas accumulation

ACCUMULATION OF OIL AND GAS is the accumulation of the oil and (or) gas in the traps. As a result, oil and gas, which are scattered in the layer (formation) waters, concentrate themselves into the reservoirs.

Open pit automobile transport

OPEN PIT AUTOMOBILE TRANSPORT is the technological process of moving, with the help of the dump trucks, of the rock mass from the open pit to the waste dump...

Open pit road

OPEN PIT ROAD is used for the safe movement of the automobiles with calculated speeds and loads during the transportation of the minerals and the waste rock from the stopes to the unloading points, as well as during the transportation of the utility...