Letter "N"

Native bismuth

NATIVE BISMUTH is the mineral of the class of the native elements, Bi. There are noted the non-significant impurities of Sb, Pb, Te, As, S, and so on. The native bismuth crystallizes into the trigonal crystal system.

Natural tungstates

NATURAL TUNGSTATES is the class of the minerals, the salts of the tungstic acid H2WO4.

Natural vanadates

NATURAL VANADATES is the group of the minerals, which are representing by themselves the different, according to composition and complexity, salts of the H3(VO4) orthovanadic acid.

Natural borates

NATURAL BORATES is the class of minerals, salts of boric acids, hydroxy-fluoroborates, and carbonatoborates. Among the natural borates proper, there have been identified the ortho-, meta-, pyroborates, and the salts of polyboric acids.

Natural bitumens

NATURAL BITUMENS are the useful minerals of the organic origin with the primary hydrocarbon basis, which are embedded underground in the solid, viscous, and viscous-plastic states.

Non-lifting laying of the pipelines

NON-LIFTING LAYING OF THE PIPELINES is the laying of the pipes without the preliminary lifting and thrusting of them onto the trench.

Natural arsenides

NATURAL ARSENIDES are the class of minerals, namely, the compounds of metals (iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, silver, platinum) with arsenic. It includes 15 minerals, among which there prevail the compounds of iron, cobalt, and nickel.

Natural arsenates

NATURAL ARSENATES are the class of minerals, namely, the salts of the orthoarsenic acid N3AsO4. It includes approximately 120 minerals.


NITROGEN, N (from the Latin word "Nitrogenium") is the chemical element of the V group of the Periodic System by Mendeleev, the atomic number is 7, the atomic weight is 14.0067.

Natural bromides

NATURAL BROMIDES, see the "Natural halides" article.