Letter "M"

Moisture content of petroleum

MOISTURE CONTENT OF PETROLEUM is the degree of the water flooding of the petroleum. This moisture content depends mainly on the voluminous consumptions of the formation water, which is arriving together with the petroleum onto the surface, and on the density of this water, and also on the viscosity and density of the petroleum.

Moisture meter

MOISTURE METER is the device for the measurement of the humidity of the gases, liquids, and solid (including loose) bodies.

Moisture capacity

MOISTURE CAPACITY OF ROCKS is the ability of the rocks to retain the water within the voids (pores, cavities, and cracks).

Marine drilling riser

MARINE DRILLING RISER is the element of the underwater wellhead equipment of the borehole, which element is serving for the connection of the underwater mouth of the borehole with the rotary table of the drilling installation of the watercraft (platform, vessel).


MINECART FOR THE UNDERGROUND MINE is the haulage vessel, which is purposed for the transportation of the cargoes and people along the railway tracks.

Middle East phosphorite-bearing basin

MIDDLE EAST PHOSPHORITE-BEARING BASIN is situated at the north-east of Africa and on the adjacent territory of the eastern Mediterranean.

Mining regulation

MINING REGULATION is the legislative act of the 1739, which has been issued in addition and for the development of the Mining privilege.

Mining privilege

MINING PRIVILEGE is the legislative act of the 1719, which was determining the policy of the Russian government within the ore mining industry; it was the practical manual for the Mining collegium.

Mining collegium

MINING COLLEGIUM is the organization for the administration of the ore mining enterprises within Russia.

Manless coal extraction

MANLESS COAL EXTRACTION is the conventional name of the methods for the extraction of coal without the human presence within the retreat stope.

Mounds of heaving

MOUNDS OF HEAVING are the cryogenic (frosty) formations of the relief with the rounded shape, with the height from 20-40 centimetres to 30-40 metres, and with the diameter at the base from the few metres to 100-200 metres.