Lead(II) azide

LEAD(II) AZIDE (EN: lead azide; DE: Bleiazid; FR: azide de plomb; ES: azida de plomo; RU: азид свинца) is the primary explosive, which is the lead salt of the hydrazoic acid. It is known since 1891, is used in the blasting caps and the electric detonators since 1970.

The lead azide is the fine crystalline powder of the white colour, is slightly hygroscopicus, practically insoluble in the cold water, slightly soluble in the hot water, is capable to react with the certain metals in the presence of the moisture at the elevated temperature. During the manufacturing of the blasting caps, the lead azide is loaded into the casings of aluminium, with which the lead azide does not react. The low temperature does not cause the significant influence on its sensitivity, which depends upon the size and the shape of the crystals. The water does not phlegmatize the lead azide, does not change noticeably its ability to explode and its priming action. The lead azide and the products of its explosion are toxic.