Letter "L"

Lake Superior

LAKE SUPERIOR is the copper ore region within the USA, within the Michigan state.

Lake Superior iron ore basin

LAKE SUPERIOR IRON ORE BASIN is one of the largest iron ore basins within the world, which is situated at the western end of the Lake Superior, with its largest part at the north of the USA (the Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan states), and the small part is within the limits of Canada (the Ontario province).

Large Saharan artesian basin

LARGE SAHARAN ARTESIAN BASIN, Algerian-Tunisian artesian basin is situated mostly on the territory of Algeria, covers also the southern half of Tunisia, and partly Libya.

Lateral rocks

LATERAL ROCKS, country rocks are the rocks, which are located at the side of the deposition with the useful minerals, or are adjacent to this deposition.

Lateral logging

LATERAL LOGGING is the method for the geophysical researches within the boreholes, which is based on the study of the specific electrical resistivity of the rocks with the help of the probe...

Lead(II) azide

LEAD(II) AZIDE is the primary explosive, which is the lead salt of the hydrazoic acid. It is known since 1891, is used in the blasting caps and the electric detonators since 1970.