The all-union institute of the asbestos industry

THE ALL-UNION INSTITUTE OF THE ASBESTOS INDUSTRY of the Ministry of the building materials of the USSR (RU: Асбестовой промышленности институт) is situated within the Asbest city of the Sverdlovsk province of the RSFSR. It has been created in the 1950. The major scientific field of research is: the problems of the extraction and beneficiation of the asbestos ores (including the technology and mechanization of the open pit mining works; comprehensive usage of the depths of the earth; development of the specialized equipment for beneficiation; standardization of the quality of the products of the asbestos industry, and its metrological maintenance; mechanization and automation of productive processes; pneumatic transport; economic studies; and others). The institute comprises (1982): 16 laboratories, design office, experimental asbestos plant, 2 technology departments (the Dzhetygara city of the Kustanai province of the Kazakh SSR, the Ak-Dovurak city of the Tuva ASSR). The collections of the works are published since the 1961.