Iron Ore Company of Canada

Indicators 1978 1979 1980
the Extraction of the ore, millions of tonnes 33.2 51.0 42.7
the Supplies, millions of tonnes:
    the Ore, which does not require the benefication 1.6 1.9 2
    the ore concentrate 3.8 8.3 6.9
    the pellets 8.5 13.5 11.5

IRON ORE COMPANY OF CANADA is the mining company. It has been founded in 1949 in the State of Delaware (USA). See table.

It belongs to the group of the American and Canadian companies. It is engaged in the mining of the iron ore and associated minerals in Canada: the deposits of Schefferville (the reserves of the iron ore are 400 million tonnes) and Carol Lake (1,000 million tonnes). The mining of the ore is performed by the open pit method. There belong to the company the enterprises for the production of the ore concentrate and pellets, the drying installations, transport machinery, and storage facilities.