Institute for the occupational safety within the ore-mining industry

ALL-UNION INSTITUTE FOR THE OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY WITHIN THE ORE-MINING INDUSTRY (RU: VNIIBTG, ВНИИБТГ, Безопасности труда в горнорудной промышленности институт) of the Ministry of the ferrous metallurgy of the USSR is situated within the Krivoy Rog city of the Dnepropetrovsk province of the Ukrainian SSR. It has been founded during the 1971 on the base of the scientific-research Institute for the ventilation, dust capture, and cleaning of the air at the ore-mining enterprises. The major scientific directions are: the study of the causes of the occupational injuries, and the development of the methods for the safe conducting of the mining and mining-rescue works; the research of the dust, gas, and meteorological conditions; the creation of the methods and means for the decreasing of the dust and gas forming, and for the normalization of the microclimate; the research and development of the methods and means for the decreasing of the noise and vibrations of the mining machines and mechanisms. There belong to the structure of the Institute (1982): 21 scientific laboratories, experimental mechanical workshops; the postgraduate institution (full-time and part-time). There are being published the collections of the works since the 1971.