Institute for the occupational safety within the mining industry

INSTITUTE FOR THE OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY WITHIN THE MINING INDUSTRY (RU: MakNII, МакНИИ, Безопасности работ в горной промышленности институт) of the Ministry of the coal industry of the USSR is situated within the Makeyevka city of the Donetsk province of the Ukrainian SSR. It has been created during the 1927. The major scientific direction is the problem of the creation and mastering of the new means and methods for providing the safe and healthy conditions for the labour at the coal enterprises (including the perfecting of the methods and means for the airing and degassing of the mines, for the dust suppression, for the cooling of the air, the fight with sudden outbursts of coal, rock, and gas, the improving of the safety and effectiveness of the blasting works within the mines, and so on). The institute conducts the governmental control tests of all types of the mine electrical equipment, explosive materials, ropes, and towed devices, for the determination of their compliance with the conditions of the safe usage within the mines.

There belong to the structure of the institute (1982): 12 scientific-research departments, 5 territorial sub-divisions within other coal basins of the country, and 12 sectors for the fight against the sudden outbursts of coal and gas, which are situated immediately at the mines; the postgraduate institution (full-time and part-time). There are published the collections of works since the 1965. The institute has been awarded with the Order of the October Revolution (1971).