Institute for the drilling machinery

ALL-UNION INSTITUTE FOR THE DRILLING MACHINERY (VNIIBT; RU: ВНИИБТ, Всесоюзный НИИ буровой техники) of the Ministry for the Petroleum Industry of the USSR has been organized during the 1953 within the Moscow city. The major scientific direction is the creation and introduction of the modern machinery and technology for the drilling of the petroleum and gas boreholes. There exist within the structure of the Institute (1981): 10 scientific-research divisions, 9 divisions for the industrial tests, the subsidiary within the Perm city with the experimental and testing base, 2 experimental industrial plants (within the Lubertsy city within the Moscow province, and within the Kotovo city within the Volgograd province), 2 experimental bases; the postgraduate educational establishment (full-time, and part-time). There are published the collections of the printed works since the 1958. The Institute has been awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1971).