Helical pumping installation

HELICAL PUMPING INSTALLATION (EN: screw pump plant; DE: Schraubenpumpanlage; FR: installation de pompage à helice; ES: planta de bombeo-tornillo; RU: винтовая насосная установка) is the complex of the devices for the moving of the liquid; this installation comprises the helical pump and the motor.

The helical pumping installation is used within the petroleum and petrochemical industry for the pumping of the petroleum products (including of the water-flooded or gas-saturated viscous petroleum), and within the coal industry, namely, within the hydraulic systems, and for the water lifting. The superficial helical pumping installation includes mostly the two-helix pump, or five-helix pump, with the electric motor, or with the internal combustion engine; the helical pumping installation for the borehole is the one-helix pump with the submersible electric motor, and with the system for the supply of the electric current, which is analogous to the system, which is used within the electric centrifugal pumping installations (there may also be used the hydraulic motors with the rotary motion, namely, of the turbine type, and of the helix type). Within the USSR, there are most widespread the three-helix pumps with the delivery of the water of 0.11-111 litres per second, and with the pressure of up to 25 megapascals, and the one-helix pumps with the delivery of 0.16-16.5 litres per second, and with the pressure of 10 megapascals.