Explosive transformation

EXPLOSIVE TRANSFORMATION (EN: explosive transformation; DE: Explosionsumwandlung; FR: transformation par explosion; ES: transformacion por explosion; RU: взрывное превращение) is the self-propagating process of the extremely rapid change of the state of the substance (or of the mixture), which is accompanied by the release of the energy, and by the forming of the strongly compressed gaseous products, which are able to perform the mechanical work. As the result of the explosive transformation, there emerges within the environment the wave of the compression. They distinguish the two types of the explosive transformation: the chemical transformation, and the nuclear transformation. There are able to undergo the chemical explosive transformations the substances (mixtures), which are decomposing or interacting among them, with the release of the heat, and with the forming of the gaseous products from the detonation. The chemical explosive transformation proceeds in the form of the explosive combustion and detonation of the explosive substances.