Emergency notification

EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION (EN: emergency notification, emergency warning alarm signal, breakdown signal, distress signal; DE: Alarmschallanlage; FR: alarme, signal d'alerte, avertissement d'avarie; ES: senal o aviso de alarma; RU: аварийное оповещение) is the form of the emergency informing for the workers of the mining enterprises about the danger and the need to move to the special shelters or to exit to the surface.

The emergency notification is carried out with the help of the special equipment, or with the help of the complex of the technical means of the communications and the alarm systems.

The emergency notification includes: the transmission of the information about the danger to the end users in the work places; the transmission to them of the directives and instructions; the receiving of the messages from the end users in the dispatcher room; the implementation of the two way speakerphone communications of the dispatcher with the end users. The main type of the emergency notification is the emergency speakerphone communication.

The sound, light, or automatic alarm signaling system performs the auxiliary role for the attraction of the attention of the workers to the transmission of the important message. The (IGAS-3, GIS-1) kits of the spark safe equipment, comprised of the dispatcher control board (for the control of the communications), end user devices, loudspeakers, additional communication devices, etc, are manufactured in the USSR for the emergency notification at the mines.

The special cables, or the spare wires of the existing in the shaft telephone cables, both trunk and distribution ones, are used as the lines of communications between the emergency notification devices of the dispatcher and the end users. It is permitted to use the means of the emergency notification for the transmission of the technological information (on the condition that the real time transmission of the information about the accident would be performed independently in any direction).