Edge mill, Chilean mill, edge runners

EDGE MILL, CHILEAN MILL, EDGE RUNNERS (EN: runner, roll; DE: Kollergang; FR: meules tournantes; ES: molino chileno; RU: бегуны) is the machine for the grinding and (or) mixing of the materials as the result of their displacement, crushing, and partial abrasion. The edge mills may be constructed with the rotating metallic or stone rollers; they may be of the continuous or periodic action. The diameter of the rollers is 600-1800 millimetres. They distinguish the edge mills with the dry and wet grinding, for the simultaneous grinding and mixing (mixing edge mills). The productivity of the edge mills is 0.5-10 tonnes per hour (dry grinding), and 10-28 tonnes per hour (wet grinding). Abroad, the productivity of the edge mills of the largest models reaches 500 tonnes per hour. There are being conducted the works for the lightening of the rollers, and for the increasing of their pressure onto the material, with the help of the spring, hydraulic, and pneumatic devices. They use the edge mills within the ore-mining industry, within the industry of the building materials, and so on.