Eastern Institute for the safety of the works within the mining industry

EASTERN INSTITUTE FOR THE SAFETY OF THE WORKS WITHIN THE MINING INDUSTRY (VostNII; RU: ВостНИИ, Восточный институт по безопасности работ в горной промышленности) of the Ministry of the Coal Industry of the USSR is situated within the Kemerovo city (since the 1958). The institute has been organized during the 1946 within the Leninsk-Kuznetsk city of the Kemerovo province of the Russian Federation. The major scientific direction is the creation of the methods and means for the improvement of the conditions and safety of the labour at the coal enterprises of the Kuznetsk, Karaganda, and Pechora basins, of the eastern Siberia, Urals region, Central Asia, Far East, and Sakhalin island. There exist within the structure of the institute (1982): 9 scientific departments, 5 scientific-auxiliary departments, 44 laboratories, 26 sectors, and so on; the postgraduate studies (full-time, and part-time). The institute has the divisions within the Karaganda and Vorkuta cities, the subsidiary within the Partizansk city, and the laboratory within the Prokopyevsk city. The collections of the works are being published since the 1959.