Letter "E"

Eastern Institute for the safety of the works within the mining industry

EASTERN INSTITUTE FOR THE SAFETY OF THE WORKS WITHIN THE MINING INDUSTRY of the Ministry of the Coal Industry of the USSR is situated within the Kemerovo city (since the 1958).

Eastern Saharan artesian basin

EASTERN SAHARAN ARTESIAN BASIN, the Libyan-Egyptian artesian basin, is situated within the north-eastern part of Africa.

Eastern Kounrad deposit

EASTERN KOUNRAD MOLYBDENUM DEPOSIT is situated within the northern Balkhash region, within the Dzhezkazgan province of the Kazakh SSR.

Eastern Kazakhstan copper-chemical combined enterprise

EASTERN KAZAKHSTAN COPPER-CHEMICAL COMBINED ENTERPRISE is the ore-mining enterprise for the extraction and beneficiation of the ores within the Kazakh SSR, within the Eastern Kazakhstan province, the major industrial centre is the Ust-Talovka settlement of the urban type.

Eastern European craton

EASTERN EUROPEAN CRATON, Russian craton, European craton, is one of the largest, relatively stable places of the continental Earth's crust, which is belonging to the series of the ancient (pre-Riphean) cratons.

Eastern deposit

EASTERN DEPOSIT is the large phosphorite deposit within Syria. The reserves of the phosphorites are more than 400 million tonnes, including 178 million tonnes (1980) of the explored reserves, and of the reserves, which have been prepared for the opencast extraction.

Eastern African rift system

EASTERN AFRICAN RIFT SYSTEM is the system of the large tectonic faults (of the dip-slip tectonic faults) and grabens (rifts), which are well developed on the background of the recent uplifts of the Eastern Africa.

Eastern American phosphorite-bearing province

EASTERN AMERICAN PHOSPHORITE-BEARING PROVINCE is situated on the territory of the south-eastern states of the USA: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, within the limits of the Atlantic coastal plain...

Eastern Australian folded geosynclinal region


Explosive materials

EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS is the collective name of the explosive substances, of the products, which have been made of these substances (cartridges, grenades, shaped charges, perforating, attached, and other special charges, and the charges for the flameless blasting), of the gunpowders...

Explosive gases

EXPLOSIVE GASES WITHIN THE UNDERGROUND MINES are the gases (methane, higher hydrocarbons, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and others), which are able to explode in case of the mixing with the air in the determined proportions.

Explosive substances

EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCES are the chemical compounds, or the mixtures of the substances, which are able, under the certain conditions, to perform the extremely rapid (explosive) self-propagating chemical transformation, with the release of the heat, and with the forming of the gaseous products.

Explosive dust

EXPLOSIVE DUST is the dust, which, within the mixture with the air, is able to ignite spontaneously during the thermal and shock-wave impact.

Explosion protection

EXPLOSION PROTECTION is the complex of the means for the ensuring of the normal operation of the equipment within the places, which are dangerous because of the explosion of the gas or dust (the mine workings of the underground mines, the beneficiation plants, and others).

Explosive deformations

EXPLOSIVE DEFORMATIONS is the change of the relative positions of the particles of the various solid bodies, which is associated with the movement of these particles under the action of the explosion.

Explosive packer

EXPLOSIVE PACKER is the device for the closing and separation of the individual layers (petroleum, gas, and others) within the cased drilled boreholes, which is acting on the account of the energy of the explosion of the gunpowder charge.

Explosive impulse

EXPLOSIVE IMPULSE, see the "Impulse of the explosion" article.

Explosive destruction

EXPLOSIVE DESTRUCTION is the rapidly proceeding process of the partition of the solid medium into the separations under the action of the explosion.

Explosive transformation

EXPLOSIVE TRANSFORMATION is the self-propagating process of the extremely rapid change of the state of the substance (or of the mixture), which is accompanied by the release of the energy...

Explosive combustion

EXPLOSIVE COMBUSTION is one of the forms of the explosive transformation of the substances of the different aggregate state, which is propagating with the subsonic speed (from tens to hundreds metres per second).

Explosive drilling

EXPLOSIVE DRILLING is the method for the construction of the boreholes, using the destruction of the rock within the bottomhole, while using the successive explosions of the charges of the explosive substances, with the removal of the products of the destruction after each explosion.

Explosive technology

EXPLOSIVE TECHNOLOGY is the deliberate destruction, movement, modification of the structure and shape of the natural (rocks, ice, wood) and artificial (metals, plastics, concrete, and so on) materials, which is performed on the account of the energy from the explosion.


EXPLOSION is the process of the rapid physical-chemical transformation of the substance, during which the energy is released, and the work is performed.

Eternal permafrost

ETERNAL PERMAFROST is the name, which has been established historically, for the perennial permafrost.

Encasement of the wooden logs

ENCASEMENT OF THE WOODEN LOGS is the encasement of the frame type for the vertical and inclined (more than 45 degrees) mine workings, the major structural part of which is the rows of the wooden logs (the rectangular frames), which are situated perpendicularly to the axis of the mine working.

Ejection crater

EJECTION CRATER is the excavation, which is formed within the massif as the result of the destruction and displacement of the rock during the explosion.


EMBANKMENT. The embankment usually unites the series, often several chains, of the local uplifts. On the tectonic plates within the ancient cratons, the embankments, as a rule, are limited by the flexures...

Edge mill, Chilean mill, edge runners

EDGE MILL, CHILEAN MILL, EDGE RUNNERS is the machine for the grinding and (or) mixing of the materials as the result of their displacement, crushing, and partial abrasion.

Emergency ventilation operation

EMERGENCY VENTILATION OPERATION in the mine is the complex set of the activities for the ventilation of the mine or the individual mine workings in the events of the accidents.

Emergency lighting, electrical

EMERGENCY LIGHTING, ELECTRICAL is the lighting of the facilities of the various purposes, which is not terminated, or is switched on automatically into action, by the sudden disconnection of the working (main) lighting sources.

Emergency notification

EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION is the form of the emergency informing for the workers of the mining enterprises about the danger and the need to move to the special shelters or to exit to the surface.

Emergency mine communications

EMERGENCY MINE COMMUNICATIONS is the set of the ways and the means for the underground workings, which ensures the emergency transmission of the alarm signals, and the reports about the accident or other dangers...