Drilling tool joint

DRILLING TOOL JOINT (EN: tool joint, tie rod; DE: Gestangeverbinder; FR: raccord de tiges, joint de tiges; ES: union para varillas de sondeo; RU: бурильный замок) is the connecting element of the drill pipes for the screwing of these pipes together into the drill string. The drilling tool joint comprises the pin with the box, which are fixated at the ends of the drill pipe (Figure). The drilling tool joint is connected with the pipe with the help of the conical thread, or with the help of welding; in the latter case, the parts of the drilling tool joint are conveniently to name as the connecting ends, which are comprising the pin and the funnel. They usually assemble the screw-on drilling tool joints with the pipes using the hot method (the temperature for the heating of the parts of the drilling tool joint is 400-450 degrees Celsius). The drilling pipes are screwed together with the help of the tool joint, which is comprising the conical screw thread with the large pitch, and the stopping surfaces (the end of the box, and the shoulder of the pin), and which is ensuring the hermeticity, and also the rapidity of its assembly and disassembly. For the decreasing of the variable stresses within the screw-threaded connection of the drilling tool joint with the pipe, they use the stabilizing belts on the pipe, and the bores on the tool joint.

The structure of the drilling tool joint:THE DRILLING TOOL JOINT

  1. the threaded connection with the pipe;
  2. the pin;
  3. the tool joint;
  4. the box;
  5. the drill pipe.