Drilling-loading machine

The drilling-loading machine:
1 - the drilling machine;
2 - the rod;
3 - the movable lunette;
4 - the fixed lunette;
5 - the strut;
6 - the automatic advancing device;
7 - the manipulator;
8 - the gathering arms
9 - the scraper conveyor;
10 - the inclined table.

DRILLING-LOADING MACHINE (EN: drill-loading machine; DE: Bohrwagenlader; FR: foreuse-chargeuse; ES: maquina perforadora-cargadora; RU: буропогрузочная машина) is purposed for the drilling of the blastholes, and for the loading of the blasted rock mass, during the conducting of the horizontal and inclined (up to 6 degrees) underground mine workings. They distinguish the drilling-loading machines: according to the field of the usage, namely, for the soft, medium, and strong rocks; according to the type of the loading machine, namely, with the gathering arms, and with the bucket; according to the type of the hinged drilling equipment, namely, with one or two manipulators (folding or non-folding during the loading); according to the used energy, namely, electric and pneumatic.

The drilling-loading machine comprises the loading part (see the "Loading machine" article), and the drilling part (see the Figure). The drilling equipment on the loading machines with the continuous action (with the executive tool in the form of the gathering arms) is installed as stationary, while on the machines with the cyclical action (of the bucket type) is installed as removable, in order to not to hinder the movement of the bucket. There belong to the structure of the drilling equipment the drilling machine (with the rotational, rotational-percussive, or percussive-rotational action), the automatic advancing device, the manipulator, the control board, and the separate hydraulic mover. During the work, the drilling machine moves along the guides of the automatic advancing device, with the help of the chain or screw moving device. The automatic advancing device with the drilling machine moves to any point of the stope by the manipulator. During the transition from the drilling of the blastholes (the depth is 2.5-3.0 metres) to the loading, they fold the manipulator. The link between the loading and drilling parts is achieved by the unified pumping station, and also by the supply of the electric drilling machines from the special contactors, which are installed within the magnetic stations of the loading part.

The usage of the drilling-loading machines permits to increase the productivity of the drilling in comparison with the manual and coring drills by 2-4 times, to exclude the necessity for the exchange of the means for the loading and drilling within the stope of the mine working, to decrease the quantity of the equipment, which is being used. The productivity of the drilling-loading machines with the single set of the drilling equipment (within the rocks with the f6 strength) is 5-6 cubic metres per shift, the tempos for the conducting of the mine working with the cross-section of 5.6 square metres are 300-400 metres per month. The major directions for the perfecting of the drilling-loading machines are the usage of the remote control, of the universal drilling equipment, and the improvement of the reliability.