Drilling-blasting works

DRILLING-BLASTING WORKS (EN: drilling and blasting operations, explosive drilling; DE: Bohrschießarbeiten; FR: travaux de forage et de tir; ES: sondeo con explosivos; RU: буровзрывные работы) is the combination of the productive processes for the drilling throughout the massif, and for the separation, by the explosion, of the part of the rock, with the simultaneous crushing and relocation of this rock. The drilling-blasting works include the penetration of the charging cavities (blastholes, boreholes, and chambers) for the placement of the charges with the explosive substances (ES), the loading of the explosive substances, the hammering of the explosive substances into the cavities, and the excitation (initiation) of the explosion. The term "Drilling-blasting works" underlines the technical-economic continuity for both the drilling of the blastholes, and for the blasting works.