Drill carriage

The drill carriage within the stope

DRILL CARRIAGE (EN: drill carriage, drill steel car; DE: Bohrwagen, Bohrgeratwagen; FR: jumbo, chariot de forage; ES: carro de perforacion; RU: буровая каретка) is the installation for the mechanized drilling of the blastholes and boreholes within the underground mine workings. Within the horizontal and inclined mine workings, they use the self-propelled drill carriages (the Figure # 2), while within the vertical shafts of the underground mines, they use the hanging drill carriages.

The self-propelled drill carriage is the platform on the pneumatic, wheel-railway, or tracked chassis, onto which there are mounted one or several (up to 4 and more), hydraulic, or less often screw-driven manipulators, with the automatic advancers, and with the drilling machines of the rotary, striking-rotary, or rotary-striking methods of action. Certain drill carriages are equipped with the cabin, with the roof, and with the control board. During the work, the drill carriages are fixated within the mine working by the railway clamps, or by the hydraulic jacks.

They use the self-propelled drill carriages during the tunneling of the mine workings, and during the conducting of the extractive works. During the drilling within the mine workings and chambers of the great height, they use the drill carriages of the tower type.

The hanging drill carriage is the folding frame, which is fixated within the stope by the jacks, with the manipulators, automatic advancers, and hammer drills, which are installed onto this frame. After the boring throughout the stope, the frame is hoisted to the hanging sinking platform. Within the drill carriage, they use the advancers with the long stroke, of the cable-piston, chain, or screw types, which are allowing to drill the blasthole or borehole with the depth of up to 2.5-3.5 metres and more by the single long borer. During the work of the drill carriage within the stope, the electricity is delivered to this carriage through the cable, while the water and compressed air are delivered through the hoses.

The drill carriage for the drilling of the horizontal and inclined blastholes:The drill carriage for the drilling of the horizontal and inclined blastholes

  1. the hammer drill;
  2. the drilling rod;
  3. the rock destructing tool;
  4. the automatic advancer;
  5. the manipulator;
  6. the hydraulic hoses and the air hoses;
  7. the cabin with the control board.