DRAW-WORKS DRILLING WINCH (EN: draw works, bore winch; DE: Bohrwinde, Bohrhaspel; FR: treuil de forage; ES: forno de sondeo; RU: буровая лебедка) is the mechanism, which is purposed for the lowering and lifting of the drill string of the drill pipes, for the advancing of the drilling bit onto the bottomhole of the borehole, for the lowering of the casing pipes, for the transmission of the power onto the rotor, for the lifting and lowering of the drilling derrick; the draw-works drilling winch belongs to the structure of the drilling installation. The draw-works drilling winch comprises the lifting (the gear-shaft with the rope-drum, the band brake, the auxiliary electromagnetic brake, and the transmission of the rotor), and transmitting (the sprocket-chain gearbox, the intermediate gear-shaft, and the controller for the advancing of the drilling bit) parts. The activation of the speed gears within the winch is performed in operative manner using the control board of the driller. All the components of the draw-works drilling winch are mounted onto the welded frames. The power is transmitted onto the lifting gear-shaft by the multi-row bushing-roller chains. Within the drilling installations of the universal mounting ability, the draw-works drilling winch is mounted below the level of the floor within the drilling installation, at the level of 2.5 metres above the ground. For the drilling installations for the deep drilling, the power of the draw-works drilling winch at the drum is 550-1250 kilowatts, the greatest tension of the movable end of the hoist rope is 200-340 kilonewtons, the mass is 13-48 tonnes (see the Figure).

The draw-works drilling winch:

  1. the shoe with the belt;
  2. the ring gear;
  3. the satellite gear;
  4. the gear-shaft;
  5. the rope-drum;
  6. the gear-body;
  7. the half-coupling of the winch;DRAW-WORKS DRILLING WINCH
  8. the half-coupling for the activation of the winch and of the rotator;
  9. the intermediate gear-shaft;
  10. the half-coupling of the rotator;
  11. the pipes with the shoulder;
  12. the wedge;
  13. the pulling rod;
  14. the strut;
  15. the leading lever;
  16. the covering lid for the coupling of the gearbox;
  17. the half-coupling of the intermediate gear-shaft;
  18. the covering lid; 19 - the pulley.