Drainage area

DRAINAGE AREA, drainage basin (EN: catchment drainage area, water-shed; DE: Wassereinzugsgebiet; FR: aire de drainage; ES: area de drenaje; RU: водосборная площадь), is the area, which is limited by the drainage divides, within the limits of which area, the superficial or underground runoff is directed towards the natural watercourse, water body, or artificial drainage (borehole, underground mine, open-pit mine). The superficial drainage area is determined by the relief of the terrain, while the underground drainage area is determined by the situation of the regions of the supply and drainage, by the intensity of the infiltration and inflow of the atmospheric precipitations into the aquifer.

The drainage area is the important parameter, which is taken into account for the hydrogeological and hydrological calculations, for the forecasting of the water inflows into the mine workings, for the development of the activities for the protection of the mine workings against the waters of the superficial runoff, and against the dynamic flow of the underground waters.