Letter "D"

Delivery of the ore using the explosion

DELIVERY OF THE ORE USING THE EXPLOSION is the movement of the ore within the limits of the excavation place of the underground mine to the receiving horizon on the account of the energy of the explosion.

Discharge funnel

DISCHARGE FUNNEL is the sequential position of the contact surface between the useful mineral and waste rock during the release of the useful minerals from the certain container under the action of the force of the gravity.

Drainage basin

DRAINAGE BASIN, see the "Drainage area" article.

Drainage area

DRAINAGE AREA, drainage basin, is the area, which is limited by the drainage divides, within the limits of which area, the superficial or underground runoff is directed towards the natural watercours...

Drainage divide

DRAINAGE DIVIDE is the line or space on the Earth's surface between the two adjacent watercourses or their systems (the basins of the rivers, or of the oceans).

Diving works

DIVING WORKS is the totality of the operations, which are performed underwater by the divers.

Drilling-joining machine

DRILLING-JOINING MACHINE is purposed for the drilling of the vertical and inclined boreholes with the large diameter (150-1500 millimetres) and lengths of up to 150 metres during the joining of the underground mine workings.

Drilling-loading machine

DRILLING-LOADING MACHINE is purposed for the drilling of the blastholes, and for the loading of the blasted rock mass, during the conducting of the horizontal and inclined (up to 6 degrees) underground mine workings.

Drilling works

DRILLING WORKS is the determined combination and sequence for the performance of the operations during the construction of the operational and researching boreholes, and during the drilling of the mining-technical boreholes.


DRILLABILITY of the rocks is the resistance of the rocks against the destruction during the process of the drilling.

Diamond industry

DIAMOND INDUSTRY is the branch of the mining industry for the extraction and processing of the diamonds, and also for the production of the synthetic diamonds.


DIAMOND (from the Turkish "almas", from the Greek "adamas", which means "unbreakable") is the mineral, the crystalline cubic modification of the native carbon.

Depreciation of the fixed assets

DEPRECIATION OF THE FIXED ASSETS is the process of the gradual transfer of the value of the fixed assets during their wear onto the product, which is produced, or work (service), which is performed.

The Diamond Fund of the USSR

THE DIAMOND FUND OF THE USSR is the collection of the unique precious gemstones, gold and platinum nuggets, jewellery, which have the historical, artistic, and material value.

Diamond drilling

DIAMOND DRILLING is the mechanical rotary drilling by the rock-destructing tool, which is reinforced by the diamonds.

Drilling-wedging extraction of stone

DRILLING-WEDGING EXTRACTION OF STONE is the method for the separation of the blocks of the rock from the massif by the preliminary encircling drilling of the bench by the blastholes...

Drilling bits

DRILLING BITS are the major element of the drilling tool for the mechanical destruction of the rock during the process of the drilling of the borehole.

Drilling rig

DRILLING RIG is the machine for the drilling of the blasting and mining-technical boreholes for various purposes, and also of the blastholes during the opencast and underground development of the useful minerals.

Drilling fluid

DRILLING FLUID is the technological name for the complex multicomponent disperse system of the suspensive, emulsive, and aerated liquids, which are used for the washing of the boreholes during the process of the drilling.

Drilling pump

DRILLING PUMP is the hydraulic machine for the injection of the washing liquid into the borehole.This pump includes the hydraulic part and the mover.

Drilling tools

DRILLING TOOLS is the general name for the mechanisms and utilities, which are used during the drilling of the blastholes, and boreholes, and for the elimination of the accidents, which are emerging within the boreholes. According to the purpose...

Drilling vessel

DRILLING VESSEL  is the floating built structure for the marine drilling of the boreholes, which is equipped with the central cutout within the hull, above which there is installed the drilling derrick...

Drilling-blasting works

DRILLING-BLASTING WORKS is the combination of the productive processes for the drilling throughout the massif, and for the separation, by the explosion, of the part of the rock, with the simultaneous crushing and relocation of this rock.

Drilling rig

DRILLING RIG is the combination of the machines and mechanisms, which is purposed for the drilling, and fixation of the boreholes, and also of the mine shafts.

Drilling penetration

DRILLING PENETRATION of the vertical mine shafts is the construction of the vertical mine shafts with the usage of the drilling installations.

Drilling platform

DRILLING PLATFORM is the installation for the drilling within the water areas, with the purpose of exploration or operation of the mineral resources under the bottom of the sea.


DRAW-WORKS DRILLING WINCH is the mechanism, which is purposed for the lowering and lifting of the drill string of the drill pipes, for the advancing of the drilling bit onto the bottomhole of the borehole...

Drilling crown

DRILLING CROWN is the variety of the drilling rock-destructing tool, which is used for the drilling of the geological-exploratory boreholes with the retrieval of the core, and of the blasting boreholes and blastholes by the continuous bottomhole.

Drill carriage

DRILL CARRIAGE is the installation for the mechanized drilling of the blastholes and boreholes within the underground mine workings.

Drilling derrick

DRILLING DERRICK is the built structure, which is installed above the borehole, for the lowering and lifting of the drilling tools, downhole motors, and casing pipes.

The drill stand (of the drilling pipes)

DRILL STAND is the part of the drill string, which is not divided during the tripping operations; the drill stand comprises two, three, or four drill pipes, which are screwed together.

Drilling tool joint

DRILLING TOOL JOINT is the connecting element of the drill pipes for the screwing of these pipes together into the drill string.

Drill pipes

DRILL PIPES are the major component of the drill string, which is purposed for the descent into the drilled well, and for the ascent of the rock-destructing tool, for the transmission of the rotation...

Drill string

DRILL STRING is the stepped hollow shaft, which is connecting the rock-destructing tool (the drill bit) with the ground surface equipment during the drilling of the deep wells (for example, for petroleum or gas).


DRILLING is the process of the forming of the mine working with the predominantly circular cross-section, using the method for the destruction of the rocks mainly by the drilling tool...