Crushed stone drift

CRUSHED STONE DRIFT (EN: rubble drift, stone drift, stone heading; DE: Bergeort, Bruchsteinstrecke; FR: fausse-galerie, faussevoie; ES: galeria en los rellenos; RU: бутовый штрек) is the underground mine working, which is conducted for the obtainment of the stowing material (rock) from the roof (prevalently) or soil of the layer of the useful minerals within the goaf space of the longwall stope. The stowing material is used for the laying of the crushed stone walls. The crushed stone drift has the temporary roof support, and is not maintained during the advancement of the retreating clearing stope (longwall stope). The quantity and the cross section of the crushed stone drifts depends on the required volume of the stowing material, and on the quantity of the crushed stone walls.