Letter "C"

Country rock

COUNTRY ROCK is the rock, within which there is enclosed the ore deposition, vein, or other geological body with the useful mineral.

Crushed stone drift

CRUSHED STONE DRIFT is the underground mine working, which is conducted for the obtainment of the stowing material (rock) from the roof (prevalently) or soil of the layer of the useful minerals within the goaf space of the longwall stope.

Crushed stone wall

CRUSHED STONE WALL is the stowing massif, which is erected in the form of the strip within the mine working.

Curb stone

CURB STONE, natural, border stone, curbstone is the road construction product in the form of a bar, which has been made of rocks, which is purposed for the separation of carriageway of the streets from their sidewalks...

Cut-off grade content

CUT-OFF GRADE CONTENT is the smallest content of useful component within the test sample, in case of which this sample may be included into the collection of the counted blocks for the reserves of useful minerals.

Coal bitumens

COAL BITUMENS are the products, which are extracted from the certain types of the mineral coals by the organic solvents, namely, by the mixture of the saponifiable substances, free acids, their anhydrides and hydrocarbons.

Concrete roof support

CONCRETE ROOF SUPPORT is the continuous solid mining roof support, which is made of concrete, and which is erected with the help of formwork.


CONCRETE is the artificial stone material, which is made of the mixture, which is composed of the binding substance with water, aggregate fillers, and (in certain cases) special additives.

Coastal zone

COASTAL ZONE is the region of the interaction among the dry land and water body (water flow), which comprises the shore proper (the part above the water), shore line, and coastal slope (the part under the water, the coastal shelf).

Corrosion protection

CORROSION PROTECTION of mining machines, built structures is the complex set of the means and methods of the protection of metallic and other structures against corrosion.

Coal industry automation institute

COAL INDUSTRY AUTOMATION INSTITUTE of the Ministry of the Coal Industry of the USSR is located in Moscow.