Letter "B"


BAR is the working implement of the cutting, cutting-loading, and loading machines or of the combined cutter-loader mining machine...

Banská Štiavnica

BANSKÁ ŠTIAVNICA is the polymetallic deposit within Czechoslovakia (central Slovakia), near the city with the same name.


BANKS, shoals are


BANGKA is the tin ore region on the Bangka island within Indonesia.

Balkhash mining-metallurgical combined enterprise

BALKHASH MINING-METALLURGICAL COMBINED ENTERPRISE named after the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution is the ore mining enterprise, it is situated within the Dzhezkazgan province of the Kazakhstanian SSR.

Baltic shield

BALTIC SHIELD is the protrusion of the pre-Cambrian basement at the north-west of the East European tectonic plate.

Baltic petroleum-and-gas-bearing province

BALTIC PETROLEUM-AND-GAS-BEARING PROVINCE is located at the west of the USSR and at the north-east of Poland, it covers also the water area of the Central and Southern Baltic sea.

Beamed pipeline crossings

BEAMED PIPELINE CROSSINGS are constructed on the supports at the intersection of the water and other obstacles, during the laying of the pipelines onto the swamped, waterlogged, permafrost soils.


BALMAT-EDWARDS is the ore field within the New York state, USA. It includes two deposits of the zinc ores: Balmat and Edwards.

Ballasting of pipelines

BALLASTING OF PIPELINES, surcharging of pipelines is the method for the fixation of pipelines with the help of the weighting loads or concreting during their laying onto the swamped or waterlogged soils.

Baley deposit of gold

BALEY DEPOSIT OF GOLD is situated within the Eastern Transbaikalia. It has been discovered during the 1927, and is being developed since the 1929.

Balbachan, Yakov Ivanovich

BALBACHAN, Yakov Ivanovich is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the Doctor of the technical sciences (1963), the Honoured scientist and engineer of the Russian Federation (1957).

Balance reserves of the useful minerals

BALANCE RESERVES OF THE USEFUL MINERALS is the group of the resources of the useful minerals, the utilization of which is economically feasible with the existing or mastered by the industry...

Balance of the useful components

BALANCE OF THE USEFUL COMPONENTS characterizes the distribution of the useful component (for example, of the metal within the ore) between the products of the processing (concentrates) and wastes (tailings) for the specified period of time.

Balaklava mining administration

BALAKLAVA MINING ADMINISTRATION named after A.M.Gorkiy is the enterprise for the extraction and processing of the fluxing limestones on the base of the Balaklava deposit within the Crimean province of the Ukrainian SSR.


BALLAS is the mineral, the variety of the diamond.

Bacterial leaching of the metals

BACTERIAL LEACHING OF THE METALS is the extraction of the chemical elements from the ores, concentrates, and rocks with the help of the bacteria or their metabolites.

Baku petroleum-and-gas-bearing region

BAKU PETROLEUM-AND-GAS-BEARING REGION is the economic region for the extraction of petroleum and gas, which is situated on the Absheron peninsula with the adjacent water area of the Caspian sea, within the Azerbaijanian SSR.

Bakal mining administration

BAKAL MINING ADMINISTRATION is one of the oldest enterprises for the extraction, beneficiation, and agglomeration of the iron ores within the Bakal group of the deposits...


BAYÓVAR, Sechura (Sechura), is the unique by the reserves of phosphorites deposit within Peru, within the central part of the Sechura desert, near the Pacific coast.

Baimukhamedov, Hasil Nurmetovich

BAIMUKHAMEDOV, Hasil Nurmetovich is the Soviet geologist, the academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR (since the 1979; the corresponding member since the 1966).


BAILADILA is the iron ore belt at the east of India (Madhya Pradesh state, Bastar district).

Baikonurov, Omirkhan Aymagambetovich

BAIKONUROV, Omirkhan Aymagambetovich is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR (1962).

Baikalian folding

BAIKALIAN FOLDING is the era (cycle) of the tectogenesis during the Late pre-Cambrian (approximately 1500-550 million years), which preceded the Caledonian folding during the early Paleozoic.

Baikalian system of the rifts

BAIKALIAN SYSTEM OF THE RIFTS is the system of the grabens of the deep embedment, which are situated on the north-western periphery of the mountainous province of the near-Baikal region.

Baikal-Amur Mainline

BAIKAL-AMUR MAINLINE (BAM) is the railway track within the Eastern Siberia and at the Far East, the second mainline railway access of the USSR to the Pacific ocean.

Baibakov, Nikolai Konstantinovich

BAIBAKOV, NIKOLAI KONSTANTINOVICH is the Soviet statesman, the organizer of the petroleum industry of the USSR, the scientist in the field of the mining science, the Doctor of the technical sciences (1966), the Hero of the Socialist Labour (1981).

Base depot for the explosive substances

BASE STORAGE DEPOT FOR THE EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCES is the set of the storage facilities for the explosive materials (EM), which are obtained from the plants-manufacturers for the supply of the consumption depots with the EM in the factory packaging.

Base level of erosion

BASE LEVEL OF EROSION is the surface of the longitudinal profile of the water flow, at the level of which the flow (river, brook) loses its energy, and below which it can not deepen (erode) its bed.

Base level of denudation

BASE LEVEL OF DENUDATION is the level of the surface of the land, below which the denudation does not proceed, and the movement of the slope depositions stops.


BASALT (from the Latin words "basaltes", "basanites", from the Greek word "basanos" (testing stone); according to the other version, from the Ethiopian word "basal" (iron-containing stone)) is the effused cenotypal basic rock, the effusive analogue of gabbro.

Bazhenovskoe deposit

BAZHENOVSKOE DEPOSIT of the chrysotile asbestos is situated at the Southern Urals, within the Sverdlovsk province of the Russian Federation.

Bazhanov, Vasily Mikhailovich

BAZHANOV, Vasily Mikhailovich (31.3.1889, Chistopol city - 1939) was the mining engineer, one of the first organizers of the Soviet coal industry.

Bucket hoisting

BUCKET HOISTING is the temporary lifting installation, which is used during the construction and sinking of the vertical workings for the issuance of the rock, lowering and raising of the people, tools and materials...


BADDELEYITE (from the name of J.Baddeley, who has delivered the first samples) is the mineral of the sub-class of the simple oxides, ZrO2.

Bagirzade, Faik Mamed oglu

BAGIRZADE, Faik Mamed oglu is the Soviet geologist, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijanian SSR (1976).

Bagdasarov, Veniamin Gerasimovich

BAGDASAROV, Veniamin Gerasimovich is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the Doctor of the Technical Sciences (1945).


BAVENITE (has been named after the place of discovery within Baveno, Italy) is the mineral, the beryllium silicate of the sub-class of the island silicates, Ca4[Be2Al2Si9O26](OH)2.

Babazade, Baba Kurban Kuli oglu

BABAZADE, Baba Kurban Kuli oglu is the Soviet geologist, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR (1959), the Hero of the Socialistic Labour (1944).

Babaev, Arshavir (Ashot) Grigorievich

BABAEV, Arshavir (Ashot) Grigorievich is the Soviet geologist, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR (1974).

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