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BORAX (from the Arabic word "būraq", which means "saltpetre") is the mineral, the crystalline hydrate of the sodium salt of the tetraboric acid, Na2[V4O5(OH)4]•8N2O.

Bulldozer waste dump

BULLDOZER WASTE DUMP is the waste dump, the major machine for mechanization at which is the bulldozer; they transport the overburden rocks at the bulldozer waste dump by the automotive or railway transport.

Bulldozer development

BULLDOZER DEVELOPMENT of the placers is the method for the conducting of the opencast mining works, for which the bulldozer is used as the major excavating machine.


BULLDOZER is the self-propelled excavating-transporting (earth-digging) machine, which is representing by itself the tracked or wheeled pulling machine (tractor), with the hinged (sometimes trailing) deflecting frontal blade...


BOLIDEN is the copper-zinc deposit at the north of Sweden. It is one of the rare deposits according to the complexity of the ores.


BOULANGERITE (from the name of the French Mining engineer Charles L. Boulanger) is the mineral of the class of the complex sulfides (sulfosalts), Pb5Sb4S11.

Bou Craa

BOU CRAA is the unique deposit, according to the reserves of the rich phosphorites, at the north of the Western Sahara, within the Oued Iddahaba region.


BUOY (from the Dutch word "boei") is the floating, voluminous, anchored sign, with the fixed coordinates of the location.


BOUDINS (from the French word "boudin", which means roll, sausage) are the small lenticular blocks of the strong rocks, which are completely separated one from another, or which are connected only by the thin constrictions, namely, necks.


"BOUGAINVILLE" is the mining enterprise within the Papua - New Guinea country. The enterprise develops (since the 1972) the Panguna copper-porphyric deposit (has been discovered during the 1964) on the Bougainville island.

Bubnov, Sergey Nikolaevich

BUBNOV, Sergey Nikolaevich is the German geologist, the member of the German Academy of Sciences within the Berlin city (1949).

Bruce, Yakov Vilimovich

BRUCE, Yakov Vilimovich was the governmental worker and scientist, the associate of the tzar Peter I the Great, the field marshal.

Brusnitsyn, Lev Ivanovich

BRUSNITSYN, Lev Ivanovich (1784, Urals mountains - 1857, Ekaterinburg city, now Sverdlovsk city) was the Russian miner.


BRUCITE (from the name of the American mineralogist Archibald Bruce) is the mineral of the class of hydroxides, Mg(OH)2.


BROOKITE (from the name of the English mineralogist Henry James Brooke) is the mineral, one of the three natural polymorphic modifications of rutile.


BROCHANTITE (from the name of the French mineralogist André-Jean-François-Marie Brochant de Villiers) is the mineral of the class of sulfates, Cu4[SO4](OH)6.

Bronnikov, Dmitry Mikhailovich

BRONNIKOV, Dmitry Mikhailovich is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1979).


BRONZITE is the rock-forming mineral, the rhombic pyroxene, with the composition, which is intermediate between enstatite and hypersthene, (Mg,Fe)2[Si2O6].


BROMARGYRITE is the mineral of the class of halides, AgBr.


BROMINE, Br (from the Latin word "bromum") is the chemical element of the Group VII of the periodic table by Dmitry Mendeleev, the atomic number is 35, the atomic weight is 79.904; it belongs to halogens.

Broken Hill

BROKEN HILL is the unique, according to the content of lead and zinc, polymetallic deposit within Australia. It has been discovered, and is operated since the 1883.

Brod, Ignatiy Osipovich

BROD, Ignatiy Osipovich is the Soviet petroleum geologist, professor (1937), doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences (1945).

Brichkin, Alexander Vasilievich

BRICHKIN, Alexander Vasilievich is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR (1946).

Briquette press

BRIQUETTE PRESS is the machine for the briquetting of the small-lump materials.


BRIQUETTING is the process of the processing of the raw materials (mostly of the mineral raw materials) into the lumps of uniform composition and geometrically regular shape, the so-named briquettes.

Brisant explosive substances

BRISANT EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCES are the substances, the transformation of which proceeds in the form of detonation...

Brisance of explosive substances

BRISANCE OF EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCES is the ability of the explosive substances to perform during the explosion the crushing of the environment within the immediate proximity near the charge (several radiuses of the charge).

Bridko, Ivan Ivanovich

BRIDKO, Ivan Ivanovich is the Soviet miner, the innovator in the field of organizing the labour at the coal mines. He is the member of the CPSU since the 1940.

Bretonian folding

BRETONIAN FOLDING, see within the "Hercynian folding" article.


BRENDA is the copper-porphyric deposit within Canada, within the British Columbia province, at the distance of 22 kilometres to the north-west of the Peachland city.

Brake incline

BRAKE INCLINE (the Russian word has been borrowed from the German word "Bremsberg", from the "Bremse" (brake) and "Berg" (mountain)...


BRECCIA is the large-fragmented clastic rock, which is composed of the cemented sharp splinters of various rocks, with the size of more than 10 millimetres.

Breithaupt, Johann Friedrich August

BREITHAUPT, Breithaupt, Johann Friedrich August is the German scientist in the field of mineralogy.


BRACHYSYNCLINE (from the Greek word "brachys" (short) and Syncline) is the short synclinal fold of the layers of rock, which is having the oval shape according to the projection onto the horizontal plane.


BRACHYANTICLINE (from the Greek word "brachys" (short) and Anticline) is the short anticlinal fold of the layers of rocks, which is having the oval shape according to the projection onto the horizontal plane.


BRAUNITE (according to the name of the German scientist M. Braun (sic) or accoring to the name of Wilhelm von Braun (1790–1872)) is the mineral within the group of the complex oxides, Mn2+ Mn63+ SiO12.

Bratchenko, Boris Fedorovich

BRATCHENKO, Boris Fedorovich is the Soviet governmental worker, the organizer of the coal industry within the USSR, the Hero of Socialist Labor (1982).


BRUNSWICK is the deposit of the polymetallic ores within Canada, see the "Bathurst-Newcastle" article.

Brazilian shield

BRAZILIAN SHIELD is the most large protrusion of the pre-Cambrian basement of the South American tectonic plate.

Brazilian mica-bearing region

BRAZILIAN MICA-BEARING REGION is the group of the deposits with muscovite within Brazil, within the eastern part of the Minas Gerais state.

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