Bulk excavation

BULK EXCAVATION (EN: bulk mining extraction, bulk winning getting; DE: Bruttogewinnung, Gesamtgewinnung; FR: abattage integral; ES: arranque total; RU: валовая выемка) is the method for the extraction of the solid useful mineral throughout such thickness of the layer, of the vein, and so on, for which there are providing the parameters of the excavating-loading equipment, that is without the separation of the rock interlayers, inclusions, grades of the ores, and so on, within the useful stratum. This method is used during the development of the depositions, when there is technologically impossible or economically unprofitable the separate excavation. The bulk excavation permits to achieve the maximal performance of the excavating-loading and transporting equipment, and to simplify the technology of the mining works. The performance of the excavating equipment and transport during the bulk excavation of the hard and semi-hard rocks, with the preliminary explosive fragmentation, is for 15-20% better, than during the development with the sorting within the stope. During the bulk excavation of the soft rocks, this indicator is for 10-15% more for the machinery with the cyclic action, and is for 5-10% more for the machinery with the continuous action, than during the selective development. At the same time, the expenditures for the beneficiation increase for 10-15% during the bulk excavation of the useful minerals. At the underground mines, during the bulk excavation, the dilution may reach 40-50%; while during the development of the thin ore veins, the dilution may reach 70-80%.