Buffer fluid

BUFFER FLUID (EN: fluid buffer; DE: Puffergemisch, Pufferlosung; FR: fluide de tampon; ES: taco fluido; RU: буферная жидкость) is used for the drilling, mainly for the prevention of the mixing between the drilling and plugging fluids, and for the cleaning of the walls within the boreholes. They distinguish the following buffer fluids: the fresh water; the water, which is saturated with the salts, dispersing agents, and so on; the solutions of the acids (for example, of the hydrochloric acid); the diesel fuel (petroleum), which is mixed with the surface-active substances; the solutions of the surface-active substances. The buffer fluid effectively displaces the drilling fluids within the borehole, washes the remainders of the drilling fluids from the walls within the boreholes, cavities, and troughs, prevents the thickening of the drilling and plugging fluids, improves the adhesion of the cement stone to the walls of the borehole and of the casing pipe, prevents the corrosion of the casing pipes.