Bubnov, Sergey Nikolaevich

BUBNOV, Sergey Nikolaevich

BUBNOV, Sergey Nikolaevich (RU: Бубнов, Сергей Николаевич) is the German geologist, the member of the German Academy of Sciences within the Berlin city (1949). During the 1906, he has graduated from the high school (gymnasium) within the Saint Petersburg city, and during the same year he with his family has moved from Russia to Germany. He studied geology at the University within the Freiberg city (1906-10). Since the 1929, he was the administrator of the cathedra, the director of the Geological-Paleontological Institute of the University within the Greifswald city, since the 1950, of the University within the Berlin city, and simultaneously he was the director of the Geotectonic Institute. He conducted the scientific researches on the regional and general tectonics. Since the 1925, he developed the original classification for the major structural elements of the Earth's crust, and during the 1948, he developed the classification for the tectonic movements. One of the main topics within the theoretical works of Bubnov is the cyclicity of the development of the Earth. There has been compiled by Bubnov the series of the paleogeographic maps of Europe. He has founded the scientific school of thought for the geologists within the East Germany (the Greifswald city, and the Berlin city). He has been awarded with the National Prize of the East Germany (1953).