Brusnitsyn, Lev Ivanovich

BRUSNITSYN, Lev Ivanovich (RU: Брусницын, Лев Иванович) (1784, Urals mountains - 1857, Ekaterinburg city, now Sverdlovsk city) was the Russian miner. During the 1795-1845, he worked at the Ekaterinburg governmental mining plants as the washer of the ore, and as the über-Steiger (senior mining master). During the 1814, he has discovered for the first time the gold placers (Urals mountains, the valleys of the Beryozovka and Pyshma rivers), and has founded the Melkovskiy, Danilovskiy, and Stanovskiy gold mines. He has developed the methodology for the washing of the sands from the placers; on the base of the washing machine (butara, sizing trommel, washing drum) of the Agte - Cherepanov design, he has created the more economic machine, which has got the wide distribution at the Urals mountains; he has proposed the original washing-amalgamating machine tool. During the 1813, he has identified the bedrock deposit of gold within the Ufaley region of the Urals mountains, where there have been founded the "Zolotarskiy" and "Scheminskiy" mines.