Bruce, Yakov Vilimovich

BRUCE, Yakov Vilimovich

BRUCE, Yakov Vilimovich (RU: Брюс, Яков Вилимович; EN: Bruce, James Daniel, the original name) was the governmental worker and scientist, the associate of the tzar Peter I the Great, the field marshal. He has originated from the famous Scottish family. Bruce was one of the most educated people of his time; he dealed with mathematics, astronomy, physics, and ore-mining craft. He participated in the series of the military campaigns of Russia. During the 1696, he has compiled the map of the lands from the Moscow city to the coasts of the Asia Minor. During the 1717, he has been appointed as the president of the Manufacturing-collegium, and during the 1719, he has been appointed as the president of the Mining-collegium (till the 1722, it worked jointly with the Manufacturing-collegium), which he governed till the 1726. Bruce has improved the craft for the extraction and processing of useful minerals, has organized the laboratory for the assay analysis, and for the research of the ores and metals.