BRONZITE (has been named according to the bronze lustre on the weathered surface or in the presence of inclusions of pyroxene * EN: bronzite; DE: Bronzit; FR: bronzite; ES: broncita; RU: бронзит) is the rock-forming mineral, the rhombic pyroxene, with the composition, which is intermediate between enstatite and hypersthene, (Mg,Fe)2[Si2O6]. The content of FeO is 5-13%; sometimes with the admixture of nickel (0.2%), chromium, and titanium. It forms grains of irregular shape, granular aggregates, less often short-prismatic crystals. The colour is brown, greenish. The hardness is 5-6. The density is approximately 3300 kilograms per cubic metre. It is the mineral of the magmatic and metamorphic rocks. It is widely distributed within the basic and ultrabasic erupted rocks (peridotites, norites, pyroxene andesites, and others), charnockites, pyroxene granulites. During the change, it transitions into serpentine.