BROMARGYRITE (EN: bromargyrite; DE: Bromargyrit; FR: bromargyrite; ES: bromargirita, bromuro de plata; RU: бромаргирит) is the mineral of the class of halides, AgBr. It forms solid solutions with chlorargyrite, the so-named embolite, Ag(Cl,Br), sometimes with the admixture of mercury. It crystallizes into the cubic crystal systems; the crystal structure is coordinated, of the NaCl type. It forms crusts, incrustations, nodules, solid masses, less often small cubic crystals. The colour is green or yellow; is slowly darkens under the light. It is malleable. The hardness is approximately 2.5. The density is approximately 6400 kilograms per cubic metre. It forms itself within the zones of oxidation within the deposits with the silver-containing sulfidic ores. It belongs to the composition of the silver ores.