Brod, Ignatiy Osipovich

BROD, Ignatiy Osipovich

BROD, Ignatiy Osipovich (RU: Брод, Игнатий Осипович) is the Soviet petroleum geologist, professor (1937), doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences (1945). He is the member of the CPSU since the 1932. During the 1928, he has graduated from the LGI (EN: Leningrad mining institute; RU: Ленинградский горный институт). During the 1934-62, he conducted the scientific-teaching work within the petroleum institutes within the Grozny city and the Moscow city. During the 1945, he has founded the cathedra for the geology of gas and petroleum within the MGU (EN: Moscow state university; RU: Московский государственный университет) (since the 1953, the cathedra for the geology and geochemistry of combustible minerals). He is the creator of the teaching about the petroleum-and-gas-bearing basins, has developed the classification for the clusters of petroleum and gas. He participated in the discovery for the series of the petroleum and gas fields. He has been awarded with the Governmental Prize of the USSR (1949) for the discovery of the Archeda gas field.