"British Petroleum"

The financial-economic indicators for the "British Petroleum" corporation
Indicators 1978 1979 1980
Sales, million pounds sterling 14502 18571 20656
Assets, million pounds sterling 8676 9805 11455
Net profit, million pounds sterling 444 1621 1435
Investments, million pounds sterling 930 1130 1710
The deliveries of petroleum, million tonnes 186 163 119
The processing of petroleum, million tonnes 100 114 96

"BRITISH PETROLEUM" ("British Petroleum" corporation) is the petroleum, gas, and petrochemical transnational monopoly of the Great Britain; 46% of the stock capital belong to the government. The corporation has been founded during the 1909 within the London city with the name of the "Anglo-Persian Oil Co." on the basis of the concession agreement for the operation of the petroleum fields within the southern Iran; during the 1935, the corporation has been renamed to the "Anglo-Iranian Oil Co."; after the nationalization of its Iranian assets during the 1954, the corporation has been restructured, and has got its modern name.

According to the value of the sales (20.6 billion pounds sterling during the 1980), the corporation holds the 1st place within the Great Britain, and the 6th place among the industrial monopolies of the developed capitalistic and developing countries. The corporation specializes in the exploration, extraction, and processing of petroleum, natural gas, and also of coal, ores of the non-ferrous metals and uranium. The corporation explores and extracts petroleum within 26 countries. The proven reserves of petroleum are 1.05 billion tonnes (1980), of which 73% are accounted for the continental coastal shelf of the Great Britain and North America.

The major petroleum fields of the Great Britain, which are operated or mastered by the "British Petroleum" on the coastal shelf, are Fortis, Naynian (15.4% of the capital participation), Bakan, Masnus. The small petroleum fields on the dry land are situated within the Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Dorset, Leicestershire. "British Petroleum" performs the extraction of petroleum within the USA through its own "Standard Oil Co." ("Sohio") American subsidiary within the Ohio state (53% of the capital); there belong to both companies approximately 50% of the shares of the Trans-Alaska petroleum pipeline. There are under the control of the "Sohio" company more than 50% of the reserves of the Prudhoe Bay (Alaska) petroleum field, the extraction of petroleum and gas condensate at the fields within the USA (35.8 million tonnes, 1980). The extraction of petroleum by the "British Petroleum" during the 1980 (taking into account the shared capital participation) has amounted to 69 million tonnes, the purchases were 50.5 million tonnes. The extraction of natural gas is performed within the North Sea, Canada, Colombia, West Germany, at the Middle East, within the New Zealand and Australia; during the 1980, it amounted to 3.2 billion cubic metres (not taking into account the 25.5% of participation of the West German "Ruhrgas" company in the extraction), the sale of the liquefied natural gas has exceeded 2.2 million tonnes. "British Petroleum" holds the 8 place in the extraction of coal among the private companies of the industrially developed capitalistic and developing countries. The reserves of coal, which are belonging to the corporation, were estimated by the end of the 1980 at 2.4 billion tonnes, the extraction is 19 million tonnes (including 11 million tonnes of the extraction by the "Sohio" company). The extraction is performed within the USA, Canada, Republic of South Africa, and Australia.

Independently, and jointly with other companies, "British Petroleum" masters the deposits with the ores of the non-ferrous metals and uranium within Australia, Canada, West Germany, with the ores of the non-ferrous metals within New Zealand, Great Britain, Morocco, with the ores of uranium within the USA and Spain. There belong to "British Petroleum" 41 petroleum processing enterprises within 25 countries, with the total productive capacity of 120 million tonnes per year. Within the countries of the Western Europe, and within the USA, there is processed more than 87% of the petroleum of the "British Petroleum". More than 50% of the petroleum products, which are produced, are sold within the countries of the Western Europe. The sale of the chemicals of the corporation (1980) is 1.6 billion pounds sterling. The corporation has its own petroleum tanker fleet, which includes 66 tankers with the total load carrying capacity of 7.1 million deadweight tonnes. Besides this, the corporation operates 45 leased vessels with the total load carrying capacity of 6.8 million deadweight tonnes. There also belong to the corporation (wholly or partly) the petroleum pipelines within the Great Britain, West Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and USA. See the table. During the 1980, at the enterprises of "British Petroleum", the quantity of the employees was 118.2 thousand.