Brisant explosive substances

BRISANT EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCES (EN: detonating explosives, disruptive explosives, high explosives; DE: hochexplosive, Sprengstoffe Brisanzsprengstoffe; FR: explosifs brisants; ES: explosivos rompedores; RU: бризантные взрывчатые вещества) are the substances, the transformation of which proceeds in the form of detonation; they are used for the purposes of destruction, for the crushing of rocks, of metallic shells of munitions, of built structures, and so on.

The brisant explosive substances may be individual chemical compounds (TNT, RDX, PETN, nitroglycerin, and other nitro compounds, and organic nitrates), or may be mixtures (ammonites, dynamons, ammonals, dynamites, and so on). The detonation within the brisant explosive substances is initiated by the explosion of the primary explosive substances, as the consequence of which, they also name the brisant explosive substances as the secondary explosive substances. They use the brisant explosive substances during the blasting works within the mining industry, construction, and other fields of the national economy, during the processing of metals by explosion, for the seismic exploration, and so on.