Brichkin, Alexander Vasilievich

BRICHKIN, Alexander Vasilievich

BRICHKIN, Alexander Vasilievich (RU: Бричкин, Александр Васильевич) is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR (1946). He is the member of the CPSU since the 1918. After the graduation from the Tomsk technological institute (1924), he worked at the mines of the Urals mountains and Krivoy Rog city, participated in the creation (1931) of, and for 6 years governed the Governmental institute for the designing of the enterprises for the ore-mining industry (Leningrad). Since the 1942, he is the professor at the Kazakh polytechnic institute, which has been named in honour of Vladimir Lenin. He is one of the creators for the foundations of the thermal drilling for the rocks.