Breithaupt, Johann Friedrich August

BREITHAUPT, Breithaupt (Breithaupt) Johann Friedrich August

BREITHAUPT, Breithaupt, Johann Friedrich August (DE: Breithaupt, Johann Friedrich August; RU: Брейтхаупт, Иоганн Фридрих Август) is the German scientist in the field of mineralogy. He studied at the University of the Jena city (1809-11), and at the Freiberg city Mining Academy. He taught at the Mining School within the Freiberg city since the 1813, he was the administrator for the mineralogical collection of the Mining Academy, he was the inspector for the noble stones, and during the 1827-66, he was the professor of mineralogy at the same place.

Breithaupt is the creator of the teaching about the paragenesis of minerals, which is the most important division of mineralogy. He has discovered approximately 40 new minerals, and has given new names for 160 minerals, he has done approximately 3 thousand measurements for the angles between the planes of cleavage for the rhombohedra of calcite, and approximately 4.5 thousand determinations for the specific weight of minerals. He has published approximately 600 written works. He is the honorary member of the Academies within the Göttingen, Munich, and Halle cities, and also of other educational institutions and scientific societies.