Bowen, Norman

Bowen, Norman Levy

BOWEN, Norman Levy (EN: Bowen, Norman Levy; RU: Боуэн, Норман Леви) is the American petrographer. He has graduated from the Royal University within Canada, and from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was the professor of mineralogy at the Royal University within Canada (1919-20). During the 1912-18, 1920-37, and 1947-52, he worked at the Carnegie Institution (Washington, DC); during the 1937-47, he was the Professor of the University of Chicago. He has established the so-named reaction principle, which determines the sequence for crystallization of minerals from silicate melt. He has proposed the hypothesis for the genesis of the erupted rocks as the result of the crystallization differentiation of basaltic magma. According to Bowen, the general development of the entire magmatism of the Earth proceeds from peridotites through gabbro-basalts to granites.