BOUDINS (from the French word "boudin", which means roll, sausage * EN: boudins; DE: Endzustand der Boudinage, Boudinage; FR: boudins; ES: lentes, criaderos lenticulares; RU: будины) are the small lenticular blocks of the strong rocks, which are completely separated one from another, or which are connected only by the thin constrictions, namely, necks. These blocks form themselves under the influence of the stress (pressure) onto the strata, which are represented by the alternation of the strong, relatively rigid layers, with the plastic layers (for example, of limestones with clays). In this case, the plastic layers are flattened, flow along the lateral direction, are tearing the strong layers into blocks, are moving them away one from another, and are flowing around them. Such forming of the lenses (boudinage) is characteristic for the folded regions.