Boucharde (bush hammer) machine tool

BOUCHARDE (BUSH HAMMER) MACHINE TOOL (EN: boucharde machine; DE: Bossiermaschine; FR: machine-outil à boucharde; ES: maquina de bujardar o buchardar; RU: бучардовочный станок) is the installation for the processing of the stone by the method of the chipping with the executive body in the form of the jackhammer with the boucharde (bush hammer).

Within the stone-processing production, the boucharde machine tools are used since the 50-ies of the 20th century. The boucharde machine tools serve for the processing of the products according to the shape, and for the textural processing. For the processing according to the shape (mainly of the curb stone), they use the multi-position automated apparatus, which comprises several groups of the pneumatic hammers with the bouchardes (which are situated according to the profile of the product, which is being processed), cart, and lifting device. The workpiece is being placed onto the cart, and is being advanced along the rails into the working zone of the boucharde machine tool. The maximal dimensions of the workpiece are 1500x300x300 millimetres; the quantity of the bouchardes is 14, the productivity is 3-4 metres per hour. For the textural processing, there are used the stationary boucharde machine tools, namely, with the single support, and of the bridge type.

The boucharde machine tool with the single support represents by itself the structure, within which the carriage with the pneumatic hammer, and with the boucharde, moves itself along the horizontal console of the support (the console may turn around the support by 155 degrees); within the boucharde machine tool of the bridge type, the console moves itself along the guides of the bridge (the bridge, in its turn, may move itself along the guides of the columnar supports). The stationary boucharde machine tools of the bridge type permit to automate completely the process of the textural processing of the stone. Within the USSR, there are used the SMR-050 fatherland model, and the Court B/4 Italian model. They perform the textural processing also by the portable boucharde machine tools.