Borukaev, Ramazan Aslanbekovich

Borukaev, R.A.

BORUKAEV, Ramazan Aslanbekovich (RU: Борукаев, Рамазан Асланбекович) is the Soviet geologist, the academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR (1954). He is the member of the CPSU since the 1931. He was the member of the Central Executive Committee of the Kazakh SSR during the 1935-38. He has graduated from the LGI (EN: Leningrad Mining Institute; RU: ЛГИ, Ленинградский горный институт) (1931). During the 1954-67, he was the academician-secretary of the Division for the sciences about Earth (which was named the Division for mineral resources earlier) of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR. He has developed for the first time the detailed stratigraphy, has clarified the paleogeographic conditions, and the history of the tectonic development during the pre-Cambrian and the Lower Paleozoic within the Central Kazakhstan. He has been awarded with the Lenin Prize (1958) for the participation in the compilation of the forecasting metallogenic maps for the Central Kazakhstan.