Boreskov, Mikhail Matveevich

BORESKOV, Mikhail Matveevich

BORESKOV, Mikhail Matveevich (RU: Боресков, Михаил Матвеевич) is the Russian military engineer, specialist in the field of the explosive mine craft and of the military electrical engineering, lieutenant-general. He has graduated from the Main Engineering School within the Saint Petersburg city (1849).

During the Crimean War of the 1853-56, he was engaged in the installation of the explosive mine obstacles on the Dniester, Danube, and Bug rivers, and within other places. He has developed the methods for the deepening by explosions of ports, fairways of the rivers and limans. He has governed the works on the explosive deepening for the ship-navigable channel of the Dnieper liman (1858), for the sandbar at the harbours of the Neva river fairway (1860), on the deepening for the harbours of the Kronstadt, Kerch, Nikolaev, and other cities (1860-63). He was the first person, who has discovered the phenomenon of the focusing the explosion by the shaped explosive charges (1864), he has proposed the method for the cleaning the clogged pipelines by the explosions of the gunpowder charges within them, and has successfully implemented it for the cleaning the cast iron pipe at the docks of the Cross-channel within the Kronstadt city.

He has compiled the manual on the explosive mine art, within which he has generalized the experience for the calculating the explosive charges, and has proposed the formula for the calculating the charges of explosive substances (the formula of Boreskov). They use the latter formula during the designing of the blasting works for the forming of excavations, channels, and bulk-ground dams by the blasts, which work for the throw-out and throw-down purposes.