BONAO (ES: Bonao; RU: Бонао) is the nickel-bearing ore field within the Dominican Republic. It includes large deposits of silicate nickel ores, namely, Loma de la Peguera, and El Seibo. It has been discovered during the 1955, and is being developed since the 1971. The ore bodies are of tabular shape, with the thickness of up to 30 metres, are confined to the crust of weathering of ultrabasic rocks, and are represented by the red earthy laterites. The major minerals of the ores are goethite, hydrogoethite, hydrohematite, asbolan, ferri-halloysite, kerolite, nontronite, hydrochlorite, garnierite. The reserves of the ore at the Bonao field are 144.4 million tonnes, including at the Loma de la Peguera deposit are 63.1 million tonnes of the ore (the content of Ni is 1.58%, of Co is 0.06%). On the base of the deposit (since the 1971), there operates the "Falco Dominicana" mining-beneficiation enterprise, with productive capacity of 2.3 million tonnes of ore per year, and of 28.6 thousand tonnes of nickel per year. This deposit is being developed by the opencast method.

The El Seibo deposit is of the reserve type. The reserves of the ore are 81.3 million tonnes (the content of Ni is 1.5%, of Co is 0.12%). On the base of this deposit, there is planned the construction of the mining-metallurgical complex enterprise, with the designed productive capacity of 23 thousand tonnes of nickel per year.