Bokiy, Boris Ivanovich

BOKIY, Boris Ivanovich

BOKIY, Boris Ivanovich (RU: Бокий, Борис Иванович) is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the tenured professor (1914). After the graduation from the Saint Petersburg Mining Institute (1895), he worked at the underground mines of the Donets Basin (Donbas) region, where he has introduced the continuous system for the development (instead of the pillared system), which was progressive for that time, has introduced the fundamental improvements into the technology for the underground extraction of coal. Since the 1906, he is the professor at the Saint Petersburg Mining Institute. After the Civil War of the 1918-20, he actively participated in the restoration and reconstruction of the enterprises for the coal industry within the Donbas and Kuzbas regions. He is the founder of the analytical methods for the designing of the underground mines and opencast mines. There has been proposed by Bokiy the first practical scheme for the underground gasification of the coals.