Bogolyubov, Boris Petrovich

BOGOLYUBOV, Boris Petrovich

BOGOLYUBOV, Boris Petrovich (RU: Боголюбов, Борис Петрович) is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the Doctor of the Technical Sciences (1950), the Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation (1961). After the graduation from the Saint Petersburg University (1913) and from the Mining Institute within the Petrograd city (1918), he worked at the mining enterprises at the Ural mountains. During the 1938-64, he was the professor of the Moscow Institute for the non-ferrous metals and gold. Under the governance of Bogolyubov, there has been created the project, and has been performed the construction of the Magnitogorsk open pit mine. He has founded the scientific school of thought on the opencast development of the ores of the non-ferrous metals within the USSR.