The general view of the "Bogatyr" open pit mine

"BOGATYR" (RU: "Богатырь") is the open pit coal mine of the "Ekibastuzugol" productive consortium, the largest one within the world. It is situated at the distance of 130 kilometres from the Pavlodar city of the Kazakh SSR. The productive capacity is 50 million tonnes of coal per year (1981). The construction has started during the 1965. The 1st phase with the productive capacity of 5 million tonnes has been commissioned during the 1970. There are being developed the 3 coal layers with the total thickness of 100-150 metres (see the "Ekibastuz coal basin" article). The upper 2 layers are characterized by the relatively simple structure, the lower layer is characterized by the complicated structure; they have the rock interlayers. The coal is hard, of the SS mark, low-sulfur, the heat-creation ability is 12.06-15.49 megajoules per kilogram. The system of development is with the transportation, with the haulage of the overburden rocks onto the external dumps of the waste rock. At the overburden stripping works, they use the single-bucket excavators, the extraction of the coal is conducted by the bucket-wheel excavators; the transportation of the rock and coal is performed by the railway transport. The annual volume of the overburden stripping works reaches 25 million cubic metres.